NIZUC Resort & Spa is home to six world-class restaurants, making it the region’s premier culinary destination. The resort offers a variety of authentic gourmet cuisines, each providing a unique and unforgettable dining experience.
A contemporary interpretation of traditional Mexican cuisine served in a spectacular setting.

A fusion of Asian spices and fresh ingredients recreates classic dishes from Far East with modern culinary techniques.

Offering a tantalizing Peruvian menu infused with a rich blend of cultural influences for one-of-a-kind dishes.
Café de la Playa
The exquisite a la carte breakfast at Café de la Playa awakens your senses by taking you on a global culinary journey in a casual atmosphere.
La Punta Grill & Lounge
The perfect place to indulge in succulent seafood and fine cuts of meat perfectly grilled and served in a casual outdoor atmosphere with panoramic ocean views.
Terra Nostra
Explore the culinary heritage of the Mediterranean with homemade pastas and wood-oven specialties.
Chef Sylvain Desbois
Our Executive Chef combines classic cuisine with new flavors, the finest ingredients and advanced techniques, resulting in a unique dining experience.
Enjoy signature cocktails and exceptional views as you relax from the afternoon into the evening at our unique bars and lounges.
Bar A-Kan
This gorgeous oceanfront space has inspiring views and inspired cocktails.
Havana Lounge
An intimate cigar lounge boasting an extensive selection of Caribbean rums.
Terra Nostra Lounge
Exceptional cocktails and sunset views open you up to an evening of lively music and engaging conversation in this social atmosphere, overlooking the mangroves.
Private Dinners
Whether you choose to dine in-suite or on our white sandy beaches, NIZUC has many exclusive, beautiful settings for you to host a private dinner. Our concierge will assist you as you select from our specially designed gourmet menus or as you create your own.
For more information please contact our guest relations team [email protected]
Cuisine Adventures
Dom Pérignon Wine Cellar Experience
The brand new experience at Ramona’s exclusive Dom Pérignon wine cellar that will take you into a sensorial journey through the heritage of Dom Pérignon exclusive flavors.
This unique experience is made for up to 12 guests and takes place at the private Dom Pérignon Wine Cellar
Cava Santo Tomas
Enjoy a fine dining experience while indulging in the exquisite wines of the Bodegas Santo Tomás in the Guadalupe Valley, the oldest winery in Baja California. You can treat yourself while guided by our Sommelier through the best of the Mexican labels, harmonously paired with a special dinner curated by Chef Sylvain Desbois at Terra Nostra Restaurant.
Tequila Journey
For tequila to be called tequila, it must be made in specific regions of Mexico. Come explore our country’s famed spirit with a tasting of four varieties and our offering of small appetizers.
Sushi class
Enjoy a special interactive culinary adventure at Indochine Restaurant. Become inspired while learning the innovative Japanese cuisine techniques.
Tacos Class
Discover the Mexican cuisine through the most famous dish in the world, "El Taco". Our culinary team will show you the art of the elaboration, the flavors, combinations and textures of the different interpretations of what a true taco should be like.
Peruvian Ceviche Class
Experience through this fully interactive class while our Chef teaches you, step by step, how to prepare the best ceviche of the freshest fish you have ever tasted. While your taste buds celebrate, our chef will guide you through the flavors, colors and aromas of authentic Peru.
Mexican Salsas Class
When you think of salsas, the taste and spiciness surely come to your mind. There is no shortage of traditional Mexican sauces to enjoy, either to accompany fried potatoes or on an exquisite taco, these sauces are a must. Master the technique for the preparation of exquisite Mexican sauces guided by our Chef and you will discover a new world about this spicy and flavorful complement to your meals.
Paella Class
The delicious and traditional dish of Valencia’s, Spain cuisine created in an authentic way in a variety of styles. Discover how this dish combines fine grains of rice and varieties of seafood, meat and chicken and master the technique to make the perfect paella in colors, textures and flavors.
Eclairs Class
Learn from our expert Pastry Chef. He will share the combination between technique and flavors, which allows you to make one of the classic most delicious pastries of French gastronomy.
Pizza Class
Get your imagination into practice and master the art of handling the dough while our Chef guides you step by step to make a delicious and authentic Italian pizza. You will learn how to make pizza sauce, about the cheese options, flavor combinations with the freshest ingredients and how to bake in our traditional stone oven. Impress your friends with a portion of your delicious and original creations