We are delighted that you’ve chosen to stay with us and we want you to experience all that our paradise has to offer. At NIZUC, we are deeply committed to helping preserve and protect the environment and becoming a model of providing sustainable luxury in the hospitality industry.

NIZUC, a paradise surrounded by natural wonders.
Dive into the essence of NIZUC Resort & Spa and enjoy the magic of being surrounded by protected mangroves and the breathtaking beauty of the Mesoamerican Reef.
NIZUC, a paradise surrounded by natural wonders.

NIZUC Resort & Spa is set within a paradise of protected mangroves and lush local foliage facing the white sands of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef – the second largest coral reef in the world – Nizuc is surrounded by the regions natural wonders and is home to a fascinating mix of wildlife and marine life including more than 67 types of corals, 230+ kinds of aquatic flora, over 100 species of fish and 4 types of sea turtles, and 43 kinds of mollusks. Additionally Punta Nizuc is home to more than 30 kinds of birds living and nesting in this extraordinary ecosystem.

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NIZUC Resort & Spa: EarthCheck Gold Certified 2024, Excellence in Sustainability
NIZUC Resort & Spa has been recognized with the EarthCheck Gold certification for 2024, showing our strong commitment to eco-friendly tourism. Beyond luxury, NIZUC stands as a beacon of responsible travel, setting global benchmarks for conscious and respectful exploration.
NIZUC Resort & Spa: EarthCheck Gold Certified 2024, Excellence in Sustainability

NIZUC Resort & Spa recently received the EarthCheck Gold certification 2024, which guarantees its adherence to the highest international standards of sustainable tourism.

EarthCheck is the foremost global evaluation group for sustainable tourism and travels that advises companies on environmental, social, and governance policies and certifies qualifying brands for their continued innovation within these categories. Since 1987 they have been helping companies to care for the planet and its people, and to create sustainable destinations for both travelers and employees alike.

Besides its prestigious certifications, EarthCheck helps the hospitality and travel industry to ensure sustainable solutions, either through software integrations, consultations, awareness campaigns, or via their evaluation and assessment of a company’s environmental and social impact.

As an internationally respected standard for sustainability, EarthCheck helps tourists and travelers choose sustainable brands and experiences so that they can be mindful of the support they give and select a brand with high corporate social responsibility standards.

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NIZUC Resort & Spa's Sustainable Commitments
NIZUC Resort & Spa incorporates sustainable practices in every aspect. From waste management to active participation in EarthCheck Certification and community events, our dedication to sustainability and well-being shines through in everything we do.
NIZUC Resort & Spa's Sustainable Commitments

  • Separation of waste (organic & inorganic) and take recyclable materials to companies that able to re-process the materials.
  • We have a wastewater system and the irrigation system is 100% with recycled water
  • Water is heated 60% by solar energy
  • LED Light bulbs on property ( in process to have 100% done)
  • Special chemical disposals are properly managed (oil, batteries, paint)
  • We are part of the Earth Check Certification, currently in silver rating and in process to get the gold rating.
  • We encourage and support the purchase of local products such as sprouts, flowers and honey
  • We support and promote Mexican Wine producers (Bodegas Santo Tomás)
  • Every month our staff participates in activities to clean the beach and the hotel premises. A walk is organized to collect garbage in the paths around the hotel and beach areas.
  • Items that are in good condition are donated to local communities in need
  • The NIZUC/Brisas foundation participates in campaigns for collecting plastics/cans and raise funds for children with cancer.
  • Sports tournaments are held for enjoyment and benefit of the employees
  • A nutritionist visits the hotel twice a month to give free consultation to all employees. The nutritionist supervises the menus that are served in the employees dining area.
  • Special events are held at hotel to celebrate with the employees (mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas, etc.)
  • We preserve our traditions like “Día de Muertos” “Mexico’s Independence Day” and other local celebrations doing activities with our employees and guests.
  • NIZUC/Brisas foundation is a nongovernmental institution responsible for carrying out social actions for their employees and their families with different programs such as delivery of school supplies, discount for the purchase prescription lenses, a food bank for low income areas, drinking water for disadvantages areas, etc.
  • Straws are available only if guests request it, we currently use straws made of 100% biodegradable and compostable plant-based materials.
  • We spread the word on the importance of conserving our natural areas (video on our hotel TV channel, social media, marine board on pier)
  • We provide to our travel agents and clients with giveaways as reusable stain straws, reusable coffee cups or local products as Mexican candies and local handcrafts.
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Live a Sustainable Experience in Nizuc; Simple Practices for a Sustainable Journey
Discover simple yet impactful ways to support sustainability during your stay. From respecting biodiversity to promoting local products, your involvement in eco-friendly practices truly makes a difference.
Live a Sustainable Experience in Nizuc; Simple Practices for a Sustainable Journey

We invite you to join our ongoing efforts to take responsibility for a careful preservation of species and the environment. Here you will find some of the best practices you can help us with, for a sustainable visit:

  • Please respect the biodiversity, do not touch, remove, or take away corals, starfish, flora or fauna. Disturbing nature for the perfect Instagram photo is NOT worth it!
  • We invite to use biodegradable sunscreen that is environmentally friendly to minimize the damage to the world’s coral reefs.
  • Reduce the use of straws, even when our straws are 100% biodegradable made of compostable plant-based materials, please only use them if you need it.
  • Please do not trespass the natural wildlife conservation designated areas. Signs are posted in our protected areas.
  • Spread awareness on the importance of conserving our natural areas. Alert other visitors about the fragile nature of our ecosystem.
  • Re-use towels and linens rather than getting new ones every day
  • Turn off the lights when you leave bedroom/ bathrooms
  • Please use the QR menu codes to reduce paper use in restaurants and bars.
  • Try dishes form our local produce. Sustainable plant-based options are offered in all restaurants.
  • Try local wine producers, supporting and recommending Mexican wines to other visitors, friends and family as the Santo Tomás wines which are available in all restaurants.
  • You can join our employee’s brigade on the “Beach cleaning day” campaign if you wish to.
  • You are welcome to support the Brisas foundation, a non-governmental institution responsible for carrying out social actions for our employees and their families such as delivery of school supplies, prescription lenses program, food bank for low income areas, etc.
  • We are proud to preserve our traditions like “Día de Muertos” “Mexico’s Independence Day” please join our special dinners and activities.
  • Share your sustainable travel experiences with friends, family, people you meet, on social media. The more we talk about the sustainable travel, the more we reinforce how important it is to travel green.
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